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Siliconised Baking & Greaseproof Sheets

Suitable for food use - siliconise baking sheets used for multiple baking operations , pure greaseproof used for wrapping meat and fatty foods, imitation greaseproof (wet strength) used for fish etc


Inch mm gsm Description Qty per pack Pack Colour ShortCode Qty
18x30" 450x750 mm 41 Multibake Greaseproof 2 Reams Box 1830M
20x30" 500x750 mm 41 Multibake Greaseproof 2 Reams Box 2030M
18x28" 450x700 mm 32 Ream Pack Bleached White 1828PGPB
14x18" 350x450 mm 32 2 Ream Pack Bleached White 1418PGPB
9x14" 225x350 mm 32 4 Ream Pack Bleached White 914PGPB
18x28" 450x700 mm 34 Ream Pack Natural 1828PGP
20x30" 500x750 mm 34 Ream Pack Natural 2030PGP
18x28" 450x700 mm 28 Ream Pack Natural 1828IGP
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