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Middlewich Polystyrene Meat Trays & Absorbent Pad

Suitable for food use - ideal for use in the retail butchery trade


Inch mm Qty per pack Pack Description gsm ShortCode Qty
5.25x5.25x0.6" 133x133x16 mm 500 Pack M1
7x5.25x0.6" 178x133x16 mm 500 Pack M2
8.5x5.25x0.6" 222x133x16 mm 500 Pack M3
10.5x5.25x0.6" 267x133x16 mm 500 Pack M8
8.5x6x0.6" 216x152x16 mm 500 Pack M13
8.5x7x0.6" 216x178x16 mm 250 Pack M14
9.5x8.5x0.6" 216x241x16 mm 250 Pack M15
5.5x5.5x1" 133x133x25 mm 500 Pack D1
7x5.5x1" 178x133x25 mm 500 Pack D2
8.5x5.25x1" 222x133x25 mm 500 Pack D3
13.5x5.5x0.75" 340x140x20 mm 500 Pack D17
10.5x7.5x1" 265x189x25 mm 250 Pack D18
7x4x1" 178x100x25 mm 500 Pack Chips C1
7x5.25x1.5" 178x133x38 mm 500 Pack Chips C2
8.5x5.25x1.5" 222x133x38 mm 500 Pack Chips C3
6.5x5x1.25" 165x127x30 mm 500 Pack Chips CHIP
10x7x1.5" 250x175x38 mm 500 Pack J1
10.5x9.25x1.5" 267x235x38 mm 250 Pack J3
12.5x9.25x1.5" 318x235x38 mm 250 Pack J4
5x3" 125x75 mm 3000 Box 88 PAD
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