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Dayglo Flourescent Display Cards

Assorted range of colours/sharps for display/advertising. Available in Colours Green (G), Orange (O), Pink (P), Red (R), Yellow (Y)


Inch mm Colour Description Qty per pack Pack ShortCode Qty
4x3" 100x75 mm Single Colours Sheet 45 Pack 43O-43P-43R-43Y
4x3" 100x75 mm Multicolours Sheet 48 Pack 43CMP
6x4" 150x100 mm Single Colours Sheet 45 Pack 64O-64P-64R-64Y
6x4" 150x100 mm Multicolours Sheet 24 Pack 64CMP
8x5" 200x125 mm Single Colours Sheet 24 Pack 85O-85P-85R-85Y
8x6" 200x150 mm Multicolours Sheet 12 Pack 86CMP
12x8" 300x200 mm Multicolours Sheet 6 Pack 128CMP
12x10 300x250 mm Single Colours Sheet 8 Pack 1210O-1210P-1210R-1210Y
25x20" 625x500 mm Single Colours Sheet 1 Pack 2520( G )( O )( Y )( P )( R )
3" 75 mm Single Colours Star 45 Pack 3O-3P-3R-3Y
4" 100 mm Single Colours Star 45 Pack 4O-4P-4R-4Y
4" 100 mm Multicolours Star 45 Pack 4SMP
6" 150 mm Single Colours Star 20 Pack 6O-6P-6R-6Y
6" 150 mm Multicolours Star 20 Pack 6SMP
6x5" 150x125 mm Multicolours Flash 20 Pack 65FMP
12x7" 300x175 mm Single Colours Flash 10 Pack 127G-127P-127R-127Y
12x7" 300x175 mm Multicolours Flash 10 Pack 127FMP
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