Garment P/P Bags

Black LDPE Sacks on a Roll (Barcoded)

Hologram Bottle Carrier - Rope Handle

Printed Boutique Carriers Bags (HDPE)

Varigauge Polythene Carrier Bags (LDPE) Treated for Print

Coloured Low Density Polythene Vest Carriers

Coloured "Recycled" Vest Carrier Bags

Printed High Density White Polythene Vest Carriers

Degradable "ECO" White HD Vest Carrier Bags

White Vest HT & HD Carrier Bags

Coloured Polythene (LDPE) Punched Handle Carrier Bags

Coloured Sacks on a Roll (Barcoded)

Paper Covered Wire Ties

Disposable Gloves (Suitable for Food Use)


Middlewich Polystyrene Meat Trays & Absorbent Pad

Potato Box & Food Box (Gold)

White Polystyrene Food Containers and Lids

Dart Expanded Polystyrene Cups & Containers and Lids

Clear Sandwich Display Wedges

HD Counter Sheets (Butcher)

HD Counter Bags (Butcher)

Sundry Items (Aprons & Meat pins & Duplicate Books)

White Polythene (LDPE) Patch Handle Carrier Bags

Aluminium Foil Dispenser & Cutter Box

High Tensile Insulated 2 Ply Freezer Sack

Polythene Bags - Dispenser Pack - "Worthminster Extra" (LLB)

Film Bags (Cellophane) Side Gusseted - Heat Sealed

Clear Polypropylene Film Rolls (Flower Wrap)

Self Seal Clear Polyprop Opp Greeting Card Bags

Film Fronted Paper Bags, clear P/prop front with White sulphite Back

Film Fronted Pearlised Back Bags

White Bleached Kraft 70GSM SOS Block Bottom Bags

Pick and Mix Ball and Stripe Design SOS Block Bottom Bag

White Greaseproof Paper Bags (Scotchban)

HT Sacks "Platinum, Granite & Platinum Blue" Block Headed - Natural (Butcher)

White Sulphite Paper Bags

Grip Seal (Self Seal) Bags - Plain, Write-on-Panel & Heavy Duty "Gripwell"

Retail Packs - HD Freezer Bags

Retail Packs - HD Swing & Pedal Bin Liners

White HDPE & LDPE Bin Liners

Plain & Printed Polythene Bags on the Roll

Clear Polythene (LDPE) - Garment Covers on a Roll

Clear Natural Polythene Bags with Warning Notice & Perfs

Clear Polythene Bags Printed "Potato"

Vacuum Packing Pouches (Meat Pouches)

Brown Kraft Paper Bags

Adhesive Tape - Polypropylene Printed

Adhesive Tape - Cloth

Adhesive Masking Tape - General Purpose

Adhesive Tape - Reinforced Crossweave Filament

Strings and Twines

Tape Dispensers

Dayglo Fluorescent Display Cards

Hand Towels & Toilet rolls & Serviettes and Dispensers

White Paper Embossed Banqueting Rolls & Table Covers

White Swedish Display Service Trays & One Piece Cake Boxes

Clear Microwaveable Containers & Lid

Polypropylene, Gingham & Meat Saver Sheets (Butcher)

Foil Lined (Chicken) Bags

White Self Adhesive Labels & Strung tie on price tags

Coloured Vinyl Butchers Tape

Adhesive Tape - Vinyl

Adhesive Tape - Polypropylene

Random Design Paper Wrapping Paper (Flower Wrap)

Till Rolls

Coloured MG High Quality Tissue

Polythene Bags - Dispenser Boxed - "Worthminster"

Brown & White Kraft Paper SOS Block Bottom Carrier Bags - Tape or Twist Handle

Dog Waste Clearup Bags


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Polythene Bags - Dispenser Pack - "Worthminster Extra" (LLB)

Clear Polythene Bag; Linear/LD Blend - Suitable for food use, ideal for storage and protection of products. This product is supplied in a polythene dispenser pouch for easy dispensing and wipe clean purposes


Inch mm Gauge mic (act.) mic (perf.) Qty per pack Pack OuterQty ShortCode Qty
4x6" 100x150 80 18 20 1000 Pack 10x1000 46L
5x7" 125x175 80 18 20 1000 Pack 10x1000 57L
6x8" 150x200 80 18 20 1000 Pack 10x1000 68L
7x9" 175x225 80 18 20 1000 Pack 10x1000 79L
8x10" 200x250 80 18 20 1000 Pack 10x1000 810L
8x12" 200X300 80 18 20 1000 Pack 5x1000 812L
9x12" 225x300 80 18 20 1000 Pack 5x1000 912L
10x12" 250x300 80 18 20 1000 Pack 5x1000 1012L
10x15" 250x375 80 18 20 1000 Pack 5x1000 1015L
12x15" 300x375 80 18 20 1000 Pack 4x1000 1215L
12x18" 300x450 80 18 20 1000 Pack 4x1000 1218L
15x20" 375x500 80 18 20 1000 Pack 3x1000 1520L
18x24" 450x600 80 18 20 500 Pack 4x500 1824L
20x30" 500x750 80 18 20 500 Pack 2x500 2030L
24x36" 600x900 80 18 20 250 Pack 4x250 2436L
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