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White Vest HT & HD Carrier Bags

This economical range of High Density/Tensile vest carriers, range from single bottle, takeaway,general use, up to toy and pillow carriers for the retail trade


Inch mm mic Brand Qty per pack Pack ShortCode Qty
7.5x12.5x17.5 190x320x440mm 18 STERLING 20x100 Box WVST11
10x15x18" 250x375x450mm 8 SOVEREIGN 20x100 Box WVSOV1
10x15x18" 250x375x450mm 14 FALCON 20x100 Box WVFAL1
11x17x21" 275x425x525mm 9 SOVEREIGN 20x100 Box WVSOV3
11x17x21" 275x420x520mm 14 STERLING XL 20x100 Box WVSTG9
11x17x21" 275x415x520mm 18 KESTREL 10x100 Box WVKES1
11x17x21" 275x420x520mm 23 CHAMPION 10x100 Box WVCHA1
11x17x23" 275x420x570mm 15 STERLING 20x100 Box WVSTG5
13x19x23 320x470x570mm 16 SOVEREIGN 10x100 Box WVSOV7
13x19x23" 325x475x575mm 18 SUPERGRADE 10x100 Box WVSSG3
13x19x23" 330x450x580mm 20 HAWK 10x100 Box HAWK
13x19x23" 330x450x580mm 22 EAGLE 10x100 Box WVEAG1
13x20x23" 330x500x580mm 28 MAMMOTH 10x100 Box WVMAM1
18x25x30" 450x625x750mm 20 TOY 5x100 Box WVTOY
18x28x38" 450x700x950mm 25 PILLOW 5x100 Box PILLOW
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