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White Swedish Display Service Trays & One Piece Cake Boxes

Suitable for food use - used in bakery, retail and take away trade

100% Recyclable + 100% Compostable


Inch mm Description Qty per pack Pack ShortCode Qty
5x4x2.5" 125x100x63 mm Open Tray 500 Box 542ST
6x6x2.5" 150x150x63 mm Open Tray 500 Box 662ST
6x6x2.5" 150x150x63 mm Lidded 250 Box 662CB
7x7x3" 175x175x75 mm Lidded 250 Box 773CB
8x8x3" 200x200x75 mm Lidded 250 Box 883CB
10x10x5" 250x250x125 mm Lidded 100 Box 10105CB
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