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Dayglo Fluorescent Display Cards

Assorted range of colours/sharps for display/advertising. Available in Colours Green (G), Orange (O), Pink (P), Red (R), Yellow (Y)

100% Recyclable + 100% Compostable


Inch mm Colour Description Qty per pack Pack ShortCode Qty
4x3" 100x75 mm Single Colours Sheet 45 Pack 43O-43P-43R-43Y
4x3" 100x75 mm Multicolours Sheet 48 Pack 43CMP
6x4" 150x100 mm Single Colours Sheet 45 Pack 64O-64P-64R-64Y
8x5" 200x125 mm Single Colours Sheet 24 Pack 85O-85P-85R-85Y
8x6" 200x150 mm Multicolours Sheet 12 Pack 86CMP
12x8" 300x200 mm Multicolours Sheet 6 Pack 128CMP
12x10 300x250 mm Single Colours Sheet 8 Pack 1210O-1210P-1210R-1210Y
25x20" 625x500 mm Single Colours Sheet 1 Pack 2520( G )( O )( Y )( P )( R )
3" 75 mm Single Colours Star 45 Pack 3O-3P-3R-3Y
4" 100 mm Single Colours Star 45 Pack 4O-4P-4R-4Y
6" 150 mm Single Colours Star 20 Pack 6O-6P-6R-6Y
12x7" 300x175 mm Single Colours Flash 10 Pack 127G-127P-127R-127Y
12x7" 300x175 mm Multicolours Flash 10 Pack 127FMP
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