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Film Fronted Paper Bags, clear P/prop front with White sulphite Back

Suitable for food and general retail use - ideal for sweets, cakes, bread, cards, photos, wreaths etc


Inch mm Qty per pack Pack Description ShortCode Qty
4x6" 100x150 mm 1000 Box 46F
4x6x14" 100x150x350 mm 1000 Box Side Gusset 4614F
6x6" 150x150 mm 1000 Box 66F
7x7" 175x175 mm 1000 Box 77F
8.5x8.5" 215x215 mm 1000 Box 88F
10x10" 250x250 mm 1000 Box 1010F
10x12" 250x300 mm 1000 Box 1012F
11x14" 275x350 mm 1000 Box 1114F
12x18" 300x450 mm 1000 Box 1218F
20x30" 500x750 mm 50 Pack Wreath Bag 2030F
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