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Adhesive Documents Enclosed Pouches

Plain or pre printed document enclosed, self adhesive pouches - ideal for securing documents to the outside of pallets/parcels


Inch mm Description Qty per pack Pack ShortCode Qty
4x4.5" 100x112 mm A7 - Plain 1000 Box A7D
4x4.5" 100x112 mm A7 - "Documents Enclosed" 1000 Box A7DP
4.5x6.5" 112x162 mm A6 - Plain 1000 Box A6D
4.5x6.5" 112x162 mm A6 - "Documents Enclosed" 1000 Box A6DP
6.5x9" 162x225 mm A5 - Plain 1000 Box A5D
6.5x9" 162x225 mm A5 - "Documents Enclosed" 1000 Box A5DP
9x12.5" 225x313 mm A4 - Plain 500 Box A4D
9x12.5" 225x313 mm A4 - "Documents Enclosed" 500 Box A4DP
4.5x9" 112x225 mm DL - Plain 1000 Box DLD
4.5x9" 112x225 mm DL -"Documents Enclosed" 1000 Box DLDP
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