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Polythene Bags - On a Roll 30% Recycled

Clear Natural Polythene (LDPE) Bags Bottom Weld Gusseted - Suitable for food use, also used for storage and protection of products


Inch mm Gauge mic Description Qty per pack Pack ShortCode Qty
30x50x55" 750x1250x1375 mm 200 50 On The Roll 200 Roll 305055200W
32x54x60" 813x1372x1524 mm 200 50 Reg.On Roll. 200 Roll 325460200W
40x72x79" 1000x1800x1975 mm 200 50 On The Roll 100 Roll 407279200W
40x61" 1000x1525 mm 200 50 B/W On.Roll 200 Roll 4061200W
47x85x86" 1180x2160x2180 mm 200 50 Shrink. On Roll 50 Roll 478586200W
50x72x88" 1250x1800x2200 mm 300 75 On The Roll 50 Roll 507288300W
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