Polythene Bags - Including minimum 30% recycled content

Film Fronted Pearlised Back Bags

Vacuum Packing Pouches (Meat Pouches)

Clear Polythene (LDPE) - Garment Covers on a Roll

30% Recycled & Virgin White HDPE & LDPE Bin Liners

Retail Packs - 30% Recycled & Virgin HD Swing & Pedal Bin Liners

Retail Packs - HD Freezer Bags

30% Recycled & Virgin Grip Seal (Self Seal) Bags - Plain, Write-on-Panel & Heavy Duty "Gripwell"

Recycled Black LDPE Sacks on a Roll (Barcoded)

HD Counter Bags (Butcher)

Garment P/P Bags - 30% Recycled & Virgin

Clear Polythene Bags Printed "Potato"

Clear Natural Polythene Bags with Warning Notice & Perfs

High Tensile Insulated 2 Ply Freezer Sack

Self Seal Clear Polyprop Opp Greeting Card Bags

Film Bags (Cellophane) Side Gusseted - Heat Sealed

Gusseted "Worthminster" Polythene Bags

Polythene Bags - On a Roll 30% Recycled

Polythene Bags "Worthminster" (Paper or Poly Wrapped) 30% Recycled & Virgin

30% Recycled & Virgin Polythene Bags - Dispenser Pack - "Worthminster Extra" (LLB)

Recycled Coloured Sacks on a Roll (Barcoded)

Recycled Black Refuse & Compactor & Wheelie Bin Sacks

Recycled Rubble Sacks - Polythene Bags

Coloured Recycled LDPE Polythene Refuse Sacks

Clear Recycled Polythene Sacks

Polythene Bags - 30% Recycled & Virgin Dispenser Boxed - "Worthminster"

30% Recycled & Virgin Woven Polypropylene White Sacks With Applicator and Wires

30% Recycled & 100% Recycled Poly Mailing bags - Perm Self Adhesive - High Strength - TFP

30% Recycled Dog Waste Clearup Bags


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Clear Recycled Polythene Sacks

Recycled clear high strength refuse sacks - ideal for security checking of rubbish


Inch mm Gauge mic Brand Qty per pack Pack Description ShortCode Qty
18x29x39" 450x725x975 mm 132 33 YANGTSE 200 Box YANGTSE
18x29x39" 450x725x975 mm 160 40 RIO GRANDE 200 Box RIO
22x33.5x47" 560x850x1190 mm 288 72 TYNE 100 Box TYNE
18x29x39" 457x725x975 140 35 200 Box Clear Recycled LDPE Polythene Sacks MEKONG
22x33.5x47" 560x838x1175 288 72 10 Box Clear Recycled LDPE Polythene Sacks YARRA
28x44x62" 711x1118x1550 MM 120 30 100 Box Clear Recycled LDPE Polythene Sacks THAMES
18x29x39" 457x725x975 mm 80 20 200 Box Clear/Natural HT Polythene Sack PINE
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