Polythene Bags - Including minimum 30% recycled content

Film Fronted Pearlised Back Bags

Vacuum Packing Pouches (Meat Pouches)

Clear Polythene (LDPE) - Garment Covers on a Roll

30% Recycled & Virgin White HDPE & LDPE Bin Liners

Retail Packs - 30% Recycled & Virgin HD Swing & Pedal Bin Liners

Retail Packs - HD Freezer Bags

30% Recycled & Virgin Grip Seal (Self Seal) Bags - Plain, Write-on-Panel & Heavy Duty "Gripwell"

Recycled Black LDPE Sacks on a Roll (Barcoded)

HD Counter Bags (Butcher)

Garment P/P Bags - 30% Recycled & Virgin

Clear Polythene Bags Printed "Potato"

Clear Natural Polythene Bags with Warning Notice & Perfs

High Tensile Insulated 2 Ply Freezer Sack

Self Seal Clear Polyprop Opp Greeting Card Bags

Film Bags (Cellophane) Side Gusseted - Heat Sealed

Gusseted "Worthminster" Polythene Bags

Polythene Bags - On a Roll 30% Recycled

Polythene Bags "Worthminster" (Paper or Poly Wrapped) 30% Recycled & Virgin

30% Recycled & Virgin Polythene Bags - Dispenser Pack - "Worthminster Extra" (LLB)

Recycled Coloured Sacks on a Roll (Barcoded)

Recycled Black Refuse & Compactor & Wheelie Bin Sacks

Recycled Rubble Sacks - Polythene Bags

Coloured Recycled LDPE Polythene Refuse Sacks

Clear Recycled Polythene Sacks

Polythene Bags - 30% Recycled & Virgin Dispenser Boxed - "Worthminster"

30% Recycled & Virgin Woven Polypropylene White Sacks With Applicator and Wires

30% Recycled & 100% Recycled Poly Mailing bags - Perm Self Adhesive - High Strength - TFP

30% Recycled Dog Waste Clearup Bags


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Garment P/P Bags - 30% Recycled & Virgin

Clear polythene bags with safety perforations and printed warning notice in 5 different languages.  Also includes a re-sealable self adhesive strip on the lip, ideal for garments, toys etc.


Inch mm Gauge mic Qty per pack Pack Description ShortCode Qty
8x10+1.5" 200x250+38mm 140 35 1000 Box 810GB
9x12+1.5" 225x300+38mm 140 35 1000 Box 912GB
10x12+1.5" 150 1000 Pack P/P Bag PWN Perf 1012GB
12x15+1.5" 150 1000 Pack P/P Bag PWN Perf 1215GB
12x16+1.5" 150 1000 Pack P/P Bag PWN Perf 1216GB
14x17+1.5" 150 1000 Pack P/P Bag PWN Perf 1417GB
15x20+1.5" 150 1000 Pack P/P Bag PWN Perf 1520GB
18x22+2" 150 1000 Pack P/P Bag PWN Perf 1822GB
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